Zelda re-imagined

Been working on a game ready Zelda model based on Aaron Diaz’s concept of Zelda: Clockwork Empire.
I’m not not affiliated with him in any way, nor is this for a real game, just having some fun with it after work.

Still have some tweaking to do with the general body shape. The hair is my second attempt at sculpting hair and I’m not that sure about it - will probably add some single strands to make it appear less blocky later. As far as modelling I still have her sword and sheath to do and a gem that sits on the left gauntlet and the inside of the mouth. The eyes I’ve modelled as half closed so it bakes nicer.

I’ll then proceed to rig and animate the model. I’d like to make the hood animated too, so she puts it on while sneaking, but it falls off when you start running/sprinting.

The whole model is around 15k triangles there’s two sets of diffuse/normal/specular textures for the head and body, as well as a separate texture for the left gauntlet (since that one seems like something you acquire in the game).

Latest Blender + Gimp 2.8 on Ubuntu 13.04

Latest images:

Sigh . . . someone has to say it.

That’s Link. Zelda is the princess.

@Jasiek very nice work, the style of skyward sword.

Zero Point but in this work not, look the link that leaves the author xD:


Indeed, Diaz’s concept reversed the roles. Link is a useless Prince while Zelda is the one that kicks ass.

Looks good. I’d prefer your shot of the backside to be better lit though so I could get a better look.

Cool, thanks :). I’ll post some wireframes and backshots later. When it’s finished I’ll upload it to sketchfab.
Is there a service like sketchfab or p3d that supports animations?

I stand corrected! My apologies. I hadn’t been aware of that reference!

That sounds like a great game that I’d enjoy playing!

So the exact polycount is 11799 tris, should finish it this weekend! :slight_smile:

I originally modelled the hood with the ear holes more to the front and baked it like that, then cut out new holes when I made the head… need to fix that on the texture…


Finished texturing the gauntlet, rebaked and tweaked the normalmap for the face a little.
Made the waist smaller, hips and chest wider. Tweaked some material settings.

And now I’m making the master sword high poly :).

Not 100% sure, but maybe http://clara.io/. If it does, I don’t imagine you’d be able to embed it into the forums though.

Thanks, I might try that, it does seem a bit overly complicated tho…

Anyway, sword’s ready I think, need to make the scabbard, and then it’s off to rigging. I’ll make the inside of the mouth later…

Yay rigging, screw the scabbard I’ll do that later.

Tunic thing around the thighs is a real pain to weight paint .
Using the rigify addon, but instead of using the DEF bones I use the ORG bones to deform the model. They have a nice clean structure and you can get away with 52 bones for the entire body (not counting the face) That way I can make a second rig with all the non deforming bones removed, and bake the action to the deforming bones and import it to a .blend with a clean game ready rig :).

Nice work here!

Jasiek your work is great, I think this model is great for see in sketchfab!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Rigged the eyes and the lids, need to make some nice controls for them now.

What I like to do is to have an empty I can move around the scene that functions as the “looking target”, however moving the parent bone for the individual eye targets away from the face makes them cross-eyed a little, will have to figure this out…

Since most game engines have a bone limit based on the amount of draw calls, and it’s safe to assume you should have between 50-60 bones per animated model I was thinking of making a separate rig for the face, parented to the head bone, since the body alone will clock around 58 or so (52 for the body, one for the sword scabbard, one for the sword or “item” and like 3 or 4 for the hood…
I can always separate it later though…

I’m also unsure about the teeth, should I go with individual teeth or something more simple cartoon like…

Good work! She looks fierce. I would go for simple teeth and add some details with texture.

Hey thanks!

Made me some more semi-real teeth and retopologised them and came up with these babies + gums.
Finally had some free time to get back to this! :slight_smile:

herp derp

Made the inside of the mouth, cleaning rig controls.