Zelda: Skyward Sword Chibi Models

Hey everyone! I’m working on some Chibi inspired models of the new Zelda game!

I already have Zelda and Link finished (although some of these pics were taken back when they were WIP’s):

http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/3258/chibizeldaalbum.png http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/2416/chibizeldafinalpic.png

Facial expressions!


Some animations of Zelda!

The first upload I did, showing off the base model, and the hair!



A quick animation putting the face rig through it’s paces.


And her final model!

Here is Link:


blank expression above, kinda eerie looking, eh?



An explanation of his hat rig above, as well as his hair, whcih I used soft bodies for instead of cloth simulation like Zelda


And the Master Sword and scabbard (only 1598 polygons combined!)



And the final video I did for a finished Link!


I am currently working on the villain Ghirahim:


Modeling that cape was a pretty big task, just figuring out how it all went together!

Which leads into a question, how would I have two different textures on opposites sides of a single face? is that even possible?

Well question aside, I hope you all enjoy it! Any questions, comments, critiques?

Well done! Interesting style, it’s almost like you took them and finished “Windwakerifying” them. ^^ My only reservation is that the angled structuring of the meshes creates sharp borders where one would expect a rounded one, mostly in the shadows and borders between materials. Other than that, very creative!

Thanks! And unfortunately my laptop isn’t the highest of caliber, so I planned on doing low quality to compensate for all the cloth simulations. And I really like doing low quality, the challenge it brings is really satisfying!

And yeah the art style is a mix of Skyward Sword and Wind Waker!

I like these a lot. One question: Did the Wind Waker characters have noses? The noselessness is making the characters a little inhuman.

Well actually, although it may look similar to Wind Waker, I based it off Japanese chibi art. Half of the chibi art I see have noses, other half doesn’t.

Worked on texturing, just got the basic stuff so far!

Day 7 uploaded!

Update on my Ghirahim model! Texturing it is done and I did this nifty cloth simulation / armature hybrid so I have some form of control over the cape!