Zelda The Movie help

Hey, everyone.
I’m Vince and I’m working on a Zelda anamated movie and I need as many help as I can get.
This Zelda movie I’m working on is called “The Legend of Zelda: Curse of Darkness.”
And I need help in the worst way it’s hard to do it all myself what I need it as follows.


I think thats about it if you need anymore information just ask me.
The story is around Ocarina of Time but it shows how Link’s parnets were killed the rise of Gannondorf everything I have the script.

Please help me guys.
I can model and do anamations but I’m just having probs thats all.
I’ll leave my e-mail address if you can help me out after you respond to this I’ll leave the e-mail.


from the looks of your list of people your asking for… its got all the work angles covered except direction…
Dont know if i want to exert myself to make a movie with several others while the guy calling the supposed shots does nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont think id want to work on some one elses project anyways… Show us a script… some concept art… some thing to show us that you are serious about this and not just another noob or spammer wasting our time.

Like that helps. I did a lot of work on my small project and no one didn’t even bother replying with a,“Good luck on your project!”.

I did not mean to sound all that negative, in fact if this is a ligit project then I wish him the best of luck with it… I’d be more than willing to offer my advice and share my knowledge. I’d even submit a model or two… But I dont see anything here besides an idea. No one is just going to volentier their time and effort and drop what they are doing to design, model, and animate this movie. especialy when there is nothing to show for it…

Just some hint, community projects, do not start with someone, asking for help on mostly everything that is to be done. They start with some people, that would like to do the same thing and are able to do all the stuff, needed to finish it. This way, there is something more interesting to show the community and get voluteers, than to tell: “I got a script here”. Last even implies, that one would spend time on someone others idea with not that much room for his own at all. Not the kind of project, I would like to participate on.

Some hint: Simply start modelling, or read some tutorials, If you are not used to blender. This will improve your skills and raise the chance of volunteers, if you simply share all your data.

Good luck anyway.

No, no guys got it all wrong I just need a model of Link and Gannondorf and animation tips thats the kind of help I need I can model but I keep screwing up on the to main charaecters even Kid Link.

Thanks for the help.

If you would please show us how you are screwing up via screenshots and renders… then maybe we can help you. but if you are going to sit there waiting for some one to model for you… you will be waiting for a long time…

i am currently animating ganondorf i can give you animations i have already made such ashim showing the triforce actually give me your model and i will animate it if it is rigged

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NV9KBVU9 here is the link to a quick animation of ganondorf showing his triforce piece just hit ‘‘alt a’’ to play