Zelda: Twilight Princess

I recently bought this game for my Wii (yes, I finally found one!) and so far I’m enjoying it very much. Hyrule is huge and there’s lots of side quests and secrets and plenty of space to explore. It’s arguably the best Zelda game yet imo. Just recently I found out that Zelda Twilight Princess is actually a Gamecube game ported over to the Wii, which is kind of disappointing because I think the Wii is more graphically capable than the Gamecube so I imagine it dosen’t take into account everything the Wii has to offer. However, I dont know much about console game systems so you guys will have to correct me here if im wrong.

Anyway, I have a few questions for those of you who have the game and have beaten it.

Do you think there will be a sequel to this game? Will it take advantage of all of the Wii’s graphical capabilities that Gamecube may not have? How much better is the Wii in terms of graphics than the Gamecube anyway?


<Spoilers removed>

<Spoilers removed>

AAAHHH! Shut up! I wish I could un-read that.

I know, I’ll just pretend I didnt read that = )

No more spoilers please…

ok that settles it!

I gotta buy a Wii!

I love zelda games!

yeah i got my wii on accident a while ago. the wii version and gamecube version are the same except the worlds are “mirrored” in each one


I’ve already played it but I hate it when people post spoilers without tags.


that is nothing, this is spoiled!

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i didnt spoil anything, he asked about the ending… i think

I’m not definite, but I’m about 68 percent sure you’re lying through your teeth. See thus:

So please make an effort not to be a jerk. Also, don’t say you ‘didn’t spoil anything’ because you even called them spoilers.

I bought this game with my Wii also. It’s one of the best Zelda games,(i like Link To The Past on SNES) but i have to agree, i don’t think developers are using the Wii’s full Graphic.

that bcause its a gamecube game. it was suppose to come out like 3 years ago but they kept adding on and pushing it back and adding on and pushing it back that it was done about the time the wii came out.
i still dont think i spoiled anything, i posted a warning, i think…

ony my monitor i can see your post without reading his and you reveal THE ENDING IN THE FIRST SENTENCE. with no spoiler tags. jesus man.

If you say something “spoilerish” you can always use the spoiler tags. However, I didnt want to read anything you said for another reason. You have everything in one paragraph, when you should separate every 3-10 sentences with a blank row, depending how long the sentences are.

Furthermore, you dont use any CAPITAL letters, which should be the case always when you start a new sentence. It is so unpleasent to read that kind of text. If you do this and take these two things into your writing, it’ll be a lot better and more enjoyable to read. No offense, it will only do good.

‘you think’?

See, that smells fishy to me. There’s no reason for you to talk about ‘thinking you did something’ when the actual records of what you actually did are sitting on the same basic page of the actual forum. So either means you’re lying or you genuinely have no idea what you possibly could have said that was wrong.

I suggest editing your post, before you spoil it for someone else. I’ve already beaten the game, so I’m in the clear. It was a great game too, although I still think zelda: alttp and oot are better (and possibly mm aswell). I doubt they’re going to make a direct sequel, although it’s not impossible. Zelda : the wind waker has it’s sequal (phantom hourglass) coming out on DS in october (in NA). Im sure another wii zelda will come about before the system runs it’s course. The Wii is selling especially well, and if Nintendo has half a brain they’ll release at least one more zelda before the console dies.

i think they will make another one just not a direct sequel. oh and i really have no idea what i posted, i just kinda went crazy for a second. AND I DID PUT A SPOILER TAG! ITS AT THE END!

That’s a question for google.

Just look up Wii and GC specs, then compare. Or you could even try something like “Wii vs Game Cube”.


How many people do you think read “bottom-up”. Spoiler tags go before the actual spoilers, not after.

Talk about fucking things up…

Sorry, no offense but this is hilarious…

Anyway, I like TP a lot as well, although I doubt that there will be a direct sequel to it, as many people here suggested. It wouldn’t be like Zelda anyway…there have never been sequels which continued the story of an older title, or am I missing something here?

Still, what I personally would like to see is a Zelda game which is even more “mature” than TP (which was a nice step into the right direction but on the other hand, only a little one) and one, which is a little more…challenging. I wanted to have some nice swordfights with the Mastersword but all the enemies were rather…easy to beat. The Puzzles were so easy to solve. Or is it just me?
Nevertheless, it was a wonderful gaming experience.