(Zelda) Volvagia Film Project: Navi The Fairy Scene

Hello Everyone. The composition worked on uses blender Blender for modeling, texturing, and animating and the Compositing was done in After Effects. I’m not really a blender Animator so there is of course some problems, but for my first heavily animated character in 3 years I have learned a lot.

Special thanks to Rachel Lamb​ for helping me out with some Voice Acting for the (Zelda) Volvagia Project! This film project will be completed and uploaded sometime in August! I hope your excited. I’m planing to do a series with a Zelda theme. All your support is much appreciated. Thanks to all my crew who helped with this as well. Without you this project would not exist. :yes:

Heres another shot! hope you guys like it!

And here is a VFX breakdown for another shot.

This was composited using Adobe After Effect and the Blender 3D for the fire and Smoke effects using both Cycles Render Engine and The Blender Internal Render Engine. I hope you like this and stay tuned for more coming out!

Here’s the Teaser Trailer. I’ll post the actual video this next Friday, April 14th, 2017