Zelda WIP - Completely Original Content (Current 4th November)

I’ve just finishd replacing any copyrighted Nintendo material (just textures) with original stuff. Now the only thing belonging to Nintendo is the concept. But it’s a fan game so it’s ok. The bomb slot has been replaced with a tornado attack. So you right click while on the first item slot and it’ll shoot a tornado which makes enemies go flying. The second slot, the bomb mask now makes an explosion. It doesn’t do any damage yet though. The third slot is still the same. Here’s the file:


W A S D - Move
Mouse Move - Rotate Camera
Left Mouse - Swing sword/ Shoot arrow
Right Mouse - Use equipted item
F - Sheathe Sword

1 - Wind
2 - Bomb Mask
3 - Bow


Let me introduce my little friend…

select any edge loop in edge or vertex mode, press X, and select delete edgeloop.

That is how you can reduce lots of unneeded polys , great after box/subsurface modeling something.

I have not drawn out verticals in quite a few years now. Reminds me of when I started with Milkshape doing half life 1 models .

Good luck on your game, Zelda was one of my all time favorite games

Scroll up for the link.


Well… I downloaded the exe file and when I first start the game, I fall through the floor and continue to fall at a very fast rate. Plus, the framerate jumps above 60 fps on my low end computer.

Edit: I tried the blend file too. In the blend file, there only seems to be a bug flying around and then the blend crashes randomly.

I never got your game to work until I hacked the exe file (Which I don’t like doing).

it requires a relatively good computer to run

Not really. My computer is pretty bad and it ran about 20 fps. The only time it ran slow was when I was carrying bombs. Then it ran 6 fps.

hmmm nice didnt you change the graphics i remember you saying something about it

I tried changing them to Bullet, but it went as funny and screwed up. So I’ll fix that this afternoon.

I never got your game to work until I hacked the exe file (Which I don’t like doing).

That’s odd, I’ve never had any trouble with it. The crashing is Sumo physics, they should stop once I get Bullet working with it,

I love any graphics as long as there is good storyline and gameplay

Hmmmmm, when I use Bullet physics, it takes my frame rate from 30 to 6. If I don’t use bullet physics, it screws up whenever I close. But I’m still working on other bug fixes and general prettyness now, so I’ll upload another new one soon.

hey for soe reason my screen freezes when i start the game

Yah, your game is great. The only thing is that Link has unneeded polys

Yeah, I’ve still got to work on toning his polys down efficiently. I don’t want him to look like he would if I use the poly reducer - crap, but I don’t want much detail since he doesn’t need any of it. But I’m removing materials, so it’ll have no shading, but I reckon it looks better without shading, it suits the style.

Ok, I’ve uploaded a new file, it runs quicker, since it uses no shading, and now the explosion looks a bit better, not much but still. It’s in the place of the old one.

It’s pretty cool. Graphics remind me of Wind Waker. Keep up the good work!


cool i like it

Thanks for the replies. I’ve got a new version done up now,so scroll up to the first post for the link.

nice hey question once you reach the point where youve tested all you want are you going to try making fulll forward lvls like Windwaker

I you want a horse for him to ride, I’ve got a fairly good one that’s low poly (about 150 vertices).


question i got seeral peices of my new link model and im trying to uv it tiles the uv how can iset it so that it wraps the wholef igure

once you reach the point where youve tested all you want are you going to try making fulll forward lvls like Windwaker

I hope to, but until I have everything functional - all of Link’s items, enemies, NPCs etc. I like the horse model you’ve done, it has a Wind Waker feel to it, which is what I’m trying to achieve. I might ncorporate one once I get other stuff working.

I’m makin a Zelda game myself, at the moment I’ve only made the Hyrulian Shield (Not the Hylian Shield), and The Sword of Evils Bane
I have some minor lighting errors with the shield, should be able to fix it pretty soon…

I’m having trouble making Links movements, automated jumps and camera setup, could you PM me and tell me how you did it?