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End of may I release a course for Blender artists that want to make a living.
This Peek behind the scenes has already useful information and can serve as a tutorial on it’s own.
At the same time I am asking people who make a living with Blender to contact me. I want to interview you, so that adds value to the course, help the artists and it will help you as well.

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And here is the trailer. The course will be released end of May 2021.

You will learn how to sense, think, feel, and act as an entrepreneur in the course. For an artist, this might be the most important step because an artist is wired differently. And since this step took me a tremendous effort, I can describe the culprits and the solutions.

Imagine you are an artist, and you are not familiar with marketing. Let’s say your passion is to make assets, even you don’t get a reward for it. What matters most to you is that it looks perfect with all the details, lighting, and we can find a few cups half-filled with coffee on your desk. Maybe there are some clothes all over the place because your assets are more important. But you want to make a living as well, and the word Marketing sounds almost like a bad word.

If you recognize this, this course is definitely for you. For now, what I am asking you is to think what the first step would be for the artists I described here above. Is it to make connections? Or make a product, find stores, define your customer, etc.?

I will let you know later, in the next post, what the only answer is.

I promised you to let you know what the first step would be for an artist starting a business. Before that, I want to challenge the way you see things. Here’s the article I wrote earlier today:

What is your mental framework of reality? Is it an idea to divide everything into Yin and Yang? Astrology signs? Ayurvedic types? Kabbalah? General Relativity, String theory, common sense, etc.? There are loads of frameworks out there that show us the nature of reality. Do you recognize the idea of feeling lost? Let’s make it a bit simpler.

In this article, I propose you another framework. A framework that you could have invented. You can find it, not by study, but by asking yourself. By accident, I asked the right questions. One twist, though, is that this is a framework for humans, and it accepts that there are things we never will know. It’s like; If we are not able to know it, don’t bother about it. An example of things we are not able as an individual is how time relates to space. And another example is why we are here. Leave it. It’s like putting effort into something without any results.

Back to dividing things into categories. That’s what a framework is, and although it’s never the reality, it makes our lives easier. But how is the hierarchical structure, and what and how are we going to place in categories? To come to a solution, answer the question “What is there the most?” Yes, that is an odd question. But it’s a good one, try it. What is there the most? Do we see cows everywhere? No. Think about this for 3 minutes, and read further.

The first one or two things that are the most are time and space or the time-space continuum. Luckily, we don’t need to know how these are related scientifically; we are humans, and we experience it as time and space. This means we are somewhere at a specific moment. When we make an appointment, we say, “Saturday at 9 in the evening in the Grand Street number 10.” That’s how we operate and see things.

Though, there is one thing that is bigger or more than time and space. And that is Reason. Reason, or objective, intention, cause, or a why. Everything you see is connected to a cause, an intention, a reason. Everything. Also time and space, the whole environment. Find me something that is there for no reason; I’ll wait.

Next, imagine a sphere. It can do nothing. It’s there, for a reason, of course. But it cannot see. Let’s give it eyes. It can see now, but that’s it. It doesn’t even realize it, and it’s not aware of it, just like an electronic device with a sensor—poor sphere. Let’s give it a brain so it can think and feel. And we give it also limbs so it can perform actions.

And there we have it; highest in the hierarchy is reason, followed by time and space (or spacetime if you like). Next, we can Sense, Think, Feel, and act. We now have a simple and workable structure. From here, we can go into details and work on the rest. But that is something for a whole book or course. If you can’t wait, look for the course “ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist” that will be released end of May 2021. The first section is build upon this framework.

If you want to know the answer, click the following link before the 28th of May. That way, you get the course for free:

Enjoy the course :wink:

We did it! In a one-hour-long interview, True-VFX (Richard Traynor) shares his insights and experience running a business. In case you enrolled for the course, you can find it here:https://www.udemy.com/course/zen-and-the-art-of-making-a-living-as-a-3d-artist/?referralCode=9EB3A953D0E454B50AF1 He developed the True-products and NodeScapes.
If you want to experience an interview that is authentic and genuine, then this is a must-watch.

If you follow the course, I recommend you join this Discord Server to help others and get help.

Who is behind New Media Supply? This video shows a hint. It will be a promo video (authentic style) as well on BN later for the course.

:star_struck: Thank you Blender community, you are awesome! :star_struck:
Udemy featured the course and is highest rated. You made my (our) day!

More to come!

I am so excited to share the news! I uploaded the most practical and important lecture. And that is how to build a high-performance website . It has nothing to do with tricks or theory but based on experience. You will see why my websites are doing well and how they perform. I show you all the crucial steps to achieve good results.

Enjoy the new video!