Zen Mp3 player Model WIP

right now im working on my first non-abstract model of my Cretive Zen Mp3 player
This is how far im now:

i riped the thing appart just for fun so you can see the different objects

here is the blender edit view

right now im trying to figure out how to make the cord for the headphones if anyone has an idea how to do that im thankful.

Kind of funny, it’s the same mp3-player my roommate has :slight_smile:
You could try to do something with the materials and lightning, they don’t make justice to modeling.
Nice work anyway! :slight_smile:

I agree with katalon about the materials + lighting. One way to do the cord (but probably not the best) is to use dupliframes. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/DupliFrames for details

i experimented with the materials and with the reflection off the main body set to dark gray i like it a lot better.

i also attached the element on the top and the slots for the audio and usb cable as you can see here:

the slot for the usb cable should look different it is a little metal frame with a tiny black plastick “thing” inside wich has connectors on it, but althogh i set the frames color to light gray and a bit reflective it stays black hopefully ill find a way to fix this

what are your ideas for improving the materials and the lightning?

@ Katalon: Maybe you could have a quick look at your roomates player. On the backside there is a “ripple” on the surface and i have no idea jet how to create that.

@Nitronic755: the pictures in the tutuorial you linked to, look like it is a good option to create the cord but i first have to learn how dupliframes work so it could take a bit but thanks a lot for the help

thx for comments

heres a image of the slot-section in blender oject mode so you can see my problem with the metal frame