Zen Spa

This is my latest personal project. I tried to recreate scene from a real life architectural project called Water Cherry Villa designed by Kengo Kuma architects. I wanted to visualize a nice calm spa space and this one caught my eye because it looked very authentic.

I used fspy to get things into perspective :slight_smile:
Everything was modeled except the vertical background (shrubbery) far back.
Water flow was simulated using Mantaflow liquid module that comes with Blender. I tried to get smoother water flow like in a reference photo but it was like the scale was too small to achieve that.
And I didn’t want to change the scale because I like working in real life scale scenarios.

Rendered using E-Cycles and color grading was done in Affinity Photo.

And here is the reference photo:


Excellent, about as true to the reference photo as you could possibly achieve without me questioning you’d just copy-pasted it haha.

Think I prefer your water, I wouldn’t worry that it isn’t smooth.

Is that background is photo or modeled or pasted ready-to-use plants and grasses?
And how many times did you used for all from 0 to finish?

Thank you! I don’t hate the water, I just tried to match it with original :slight_smile:


You can see here. That “peach” color is where the image background is.
Everything else is modeled. Grass and pebbles are also made with models (Scatter) but the instances are turned off in viewport.

How much time I spend? I worked on and off but I could say I spent about a week on it. But I spent fair amount of time on testing various settings. Like Mantaflow and what not. As you can see modeling is basic so it was done really quickly.


I featured you on BlenderNation. Have a great weekend!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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