“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” -Buddha

The composition was inspired from a photograph I saw while browsing around the interwebs and in an attempt
to try to calm my mind from the thoughts and ideas I try to ponder on, which at times trouble me.

Made with: Blender 2.62
Rendered with: Cycles



Nice overall, good work. The carpet texture looks especially nice, and the rocks look quite good too.

I think your depth of field is too shallow, you should decrease the size of your aperture. Also, maybe rearrange the scene a bit because your area of focus and the progression of the wood boxes kind of makes you naturally want to follow those converging lines into the distance, and there’s nothing there. You’re inviting a look into the background, but it doesn’t pay off so maybe you can imply some nice continued detail down there in some way (a plant or something…another aspect of the environment maybe…).

Maybe one of those zen sand things or one of those low tables…

Surprised that only one person replied. I love it !

I am a bit puzzled by the depth of field. I’d say it is a bit too much really… I mean not enough depth, too open an aperture in photographical terms.
Still, veeeeeeeeeeery nice !

Congratulations !