A model made for a client.
Will try and find some cool lighting set up to play with this one. More soon :wink:
Zbrush, Photoshop, Blender


i like the little β€œsmile”. good job!

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Nice, looks almost identical, maybe some facial expressions would help show the model off a bit more

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Amazing work!
May I ask what is the little color palette thingie in the corner? Im in Blender for some time but never seen that. Is it merely cut there to show the colours you used or an add-on maybe?
Thank you! :blush:

thanks! :wink:

thank you! :wink:

Generally we use balls on set as reference for later to help matching lighting. The standard is 2 balls, one chrome/mirror and one 18% matte grey.

The chrome ball gives a reference of the surroundings, but will often clip highlights for which we now have an unknown intensity. The grey ball gives you a chance to see the overall amount of light, so that you can adjust the intensity of your highlights until both spheres match as close as possible.

You’d set them up in shaders (assuming PBR) with one fully metal, low roughness for the chrome, and one no metal, grey, fairly high roughness.


Thanks for the reply :blush::blush:

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A very nice fresh portrait!

(The lighting is a lot more attractive this time :+1: I like both versions, but the dark background is my favorite :ok_hand:)

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Thank you :wink:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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yesss! thanks!

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