Hi, this is how far I am right now. I don’t know if I should add propellors… Or some other way of propulsion. C&C is very welcome. Thanks in advance!


A new model for the boat:


I defineatly think it neads proppelars. It would look really good with some old school proppelars.

What’s the boat for?

It should hang under the zeppelin… I know, it sounds stupid…

Do you know how to make them? I have tried to create one once, but I didn’t succeed.

The boat is called a gondola, and all blimps hav’em. The prop blades can be done by lattice deforming a squashed sphere, then just spindup them.

You could remove the smokestack on the boat, cause when that thing hangs below a zeppelin, we’re looking at another Hindenburg tragedy…

:D, it isn’t supposed to be realisitc though.

Depending how ‘fantastical’ you want it, you go go for a a kinda bird wing approach or maybe put the stack on top of the balloon or you could have it dragged by alien or earth aviforms (birdlike things) or it could be clock work with a big key in it or, or, or.

Sorry, sometimes I try to carry too many ideas in my mouth.

i’ld definatly take it fantastical, especialy if there isn’t a specific blimp you are trying to replicate, but i wouldn’t go to far. I’ld just put in little qwerks, like the smokestack, that give the impression that there is something not quite right about it. Definatly propellers, but i would go with like fabric sail type propellers, as the more rounded than usualy shape of you blimp tends to indicate, to me anyway, that its on a much smaller scale, than example the hindenburge(dunno how to spell it sorry). this tends to indicate that it was pre this time, so i think it should be made out of parts that don’t fit with a traditional blimp

but, i’m no expert, so take my ideas with a very small(or large, not sure which is should be to get the correct meaning)grain of salt.

nb. how did u model the blimp if you don’t mind me asking?


Thanks for the tips on the propellors, a good idea.

(removed this part, not important anymore)

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OK thanks. I’ll create the tut today.

First you should create a sphere from front view with 16 segments and 16 rings. Stretch the entire thing along the y axel (s + y) about 1.5. Than bevel with .01 (“w” will popup a menu to do this). Select the faces like shown below:
Extrude (e), individual faces, with -.025.
Select the not extuded part in the front (no the back) and extrude that one as region (-.025).
When you go to object mode, you’ll see this:
The front isn’t smooth. Select the center, the part that sticking out. Go to sideview (num 3). And go to wire (z). Grab (g) the selected faces and move it to the correct place. This should be exactly the amount you bevelled it.

That’s about it. You can create wings, or anything else you like. Good luck!

(If a part is unclear please say so)

cool, thanks 4 the tute


I think I will do a balloon too, if that’s ok? Though mine will go down the fantasy route. I just love the Michael Moorcock series that had giant zeppelins fighting each other.

The balloon will look a lot better IMO when the peaces of balloon in between of the wooden (?) frame would be like the image below:
so like there is actually a high pressure inside.
You can do this by selecting the balloon faces (so not the wood structure - perhaps even give them another material so you can select them easily) subsidive 2 them (W - Multi-Subsidive - 2), select only the middle faces (ctrl + num-) and scaling them outwards with S.
Just a thought.
Very good so far though.

Yes, I thought about that as well, But the mesh gets a bit hard to handle with cross lines on the bars (no more loopcuts possible etc.) I think I’ll do that once I think everything is finished and making the final render… Thanks!

And shaker, off course you can,
but I wouldn’t go for your bird idea though. You should practice a bit more.

I know, I know. I like to stretch myself thin, but I’m learning. (and I’m thinking of round airbag creatures anyhoo… saw a comic strip once…)