Focused critique appreciated.

The body looks like a stretched sphere too much. Looking at reference photos of Graf Zeppelins, one can easily make out the ribbing underneath. The body needs that. Conversely, modern Zeppelins are smooth like the body of a wide body jet like a 747 (and are even painted as such alot too). Yours has neither of those in the body. Other than that, I like the use of DOF and the background choice. Lighting isn’t my strong point but it seems a bit high on the brightness. The gondola looks pretty good. Overall though pretty good job.

Yeah, you need to show that there’s a frame inside this thing. Also, that’s very shiny…a good start though.

Overall, I like the look, and the sleekness of the craft. The way the gondola is integrated as part of the ship is really clever and quite stylish. Nicely detailed and the curves work.

That said; Zeppelin is spelled incorrectly. I considered that it might be spelled correctly in a non-English (American), but with the following ‘US’ tag implies that it is an American Zeppelin. You might want to add a call sign (IE: A123B)

Secondly, as mentioned there is a lack of ribbing/framework in the front portion. But there is a sort of ribbing/framework on the back portion of the craft, aligned directly with the fins (rudder, elevator) that moves forward, but mysteriously vanished near the paint detail. I would either remove the aft ribbing, or continue it forward through the nose. But that’s just me.

This last bit is strictly aesthetics, but the paint detail is rather blah. It appears to me that you took parts of two crafts (a silver nose and the white tail) and mashed them together into a single craft. It just seems lifeless.

Correct me if I misunderstood something.

I think this is going in the right direction. If you think I’m not, tell me what I’m doing wrong.


it looks a lot better imho! :slight_smile: as John_L already mentioned, modern zeppelins are painted like wide-body aircrafts, with colored stripes alongside the body. that would be a nice detail! i like the gondola and its nice smooth shape.


The real question is: World War I vintage or modern?

World War I would be a silver color, not mirror as you have it, but silver paint. Modern ones are white, more often than not…unless you are, actually, trying to make a blimp. They are very different subjects.

Good wrok so far.
One critic that might help. Being a photographer myself, I can tell there is a problem with the Dof. In fact it is not possible to have such a strong Dof on a so big scene. Dof appears when your camera is close to the focus point and the subject is quite or very small (from macro photo to portraits in general). It is much less likely on a big scene, even with an extra high apperture on a big sensor.
You can use some on such a scene, but at a very low scale (look at refs of big scenes).
That being said, the sun reflection on the zep is very bright (it doesn’t bother me too much) and it could (should) produce a slight lens flare.
the lens being quite wide, you could also add a very slight color dispersion on the borders of the image.