Zergling: Update #6: avi pg2 [scroll abit]

I started a Zergling from the popular computer game “starcraft”. So far I’ve completed only half of the upper body area.


The model is loosely based off of this concept sketch
http://es.geocities.com/theclandep/zergling_4.jpg [minus the wierd tongue]

C&C appreciated

nice work, man.

lacks muscle definition though, you may want to bulk the muscles of the forearm. The nails seem to be larger in the concept art. other than that, I’d like to see this finished.

Are you considering rigging this for animation?

Yeah the muscle’s are rather badly done at the moment. I’ll post an update asap. If I get him done properly animation is possible.

New Update. Havent added much new in terms of the model. Changed the arms a little bit. Main thing is I also added some basic bump map and colour maps


New updates soon

nice work, there is a little bit of pink on the end of whatever that thing is… i hated these things, i kept getting swarmed by a million of 'em every time i played online… Other than that, looks really good, though werent they like blue or purple or something? or was that just because of the game, i havent played in quite a while.

that is awesome! can you show us a wire? i wanted to model a zergling, but didnt know how to make the spiny back.

wierd tongue? that tongue rox0rz!

good start onth emodel id say- but u gotta do the tongue- just for that extra “umff” - know what i mean?

Great model! Very ugly, just how it should be :smiley:
Are the textures hand made? Cause I really like them, especially the bump maps… I’m gonna have to do some similiar tex soon… Or could You possibly share them with us?

Excellent model thus far. Any other views? The side view looks nice, but I would like to judge overall proportions as well.


Updated again, added somemore to the body, looks a bit fat imo.

Are the textures hand made

Yes, the textures are all painted in photoshop

Any other views

Im only modelling a half of it then mirroring or flipping it. But heres a half done other view

And a wire:

Thanks for the comments. I’ll update soon again

Usually when requested for a wire view, it’s much easier to read a 3D viewport screenshot then Wire Material render. You can easily mirror your mesh and still work on half at a time using the Mirror Modifier, then both sides will be automatically updated.

The model looks very detailed, but I’m more currious at your insane texturing. I’m still much of an amature at texturing myself and I’m currious as to how you got that nice bump map on your mesh. Is the texture UVMapped?

Looks like you got a great start on it, and I’m looking forward to seeing a finished model. Great work.

I’ll post a proper wire later then :stuck_out_tongue: .

The textures:
I exported my UV mesh [unwrapped in different ways depending on body part, the face was LSCM]. I used photoshop to draw over the exported UV mesh outline. Using a bunch of layers and different brush types you can get a pretty nice bump map. I applied the bump map [mapping the texture to UV] and turned up the nor. Then I did the same thing but made a colour map.

Dude, awesome. I just wanna hug him! Love the zerglings!

Update Now finished the legs, claws and teeth. Just need to mirror it and add eyes and tongue.


I have a video pan around of the zergling. Where is a good place I can upload my video file?

I have heard putfile and google video are good.

That’s a great mesh, but most of all, I love the ‘lizard’ style texturing!

Update. A 360 degree view of the finished zerg. Right now its in .divx format, I’ll have a .avi up soon too.


I think I’m going to try to make a basic ‘run’ animation for him too, expect that next update :slight_smile:

Sup Mattimus
I got to say,your Zerg model is coming along beautifly.I love the texture your using for it.As far as it looking pinkish i think it’s the out door lighting effecting it.I think it’s great.
Btw:can you render the vid in another format? I cant view it in any of my players.thanx

great job :wink:


There, same video as a .avi. It isnt the best resolution, but should do for now.