Zergling: Update #6: avi pg2 [scroll abit]

Wow, looks real good.

Great success!!

:o WOW looks awesome, i hope your gonna animate it with bones and softbodies and everything :smiley:

Very Nice,I like :smiley:
Ya got to tell me what you did for the texturing and what light did you use?
couse it’s got some realizm to it and i dont know the tricks used.
My only crit is,i could’nt help noticing the light between the shells,i dont think there close enough to each other.you could see it in back view.Maybe it’s just me.
Other than that,this is great…


The light between the shells is actually just the material between them as a really high spec. I sorta tried to make it seem sorta wet or sweaty between the shells, so cranked the spec a bit, will tone that done though.

The lighting is just two regular lamps

The texureing is just unwrapped UV painted bump and colour maps in photoshop. Really basic stuff.

Well,you cought me out there %|
Guess i need more practice and more time in Blender.Anyway,Thanx for the tips.


mm nice -

The model and texturing is pretty decent - I would just suggest a bit more gleam to it you know?

I always thought zerg were more shiny/slimy