Zero Gravity forces and explosion simulation. Halp!

I’m working on this scene, I want to setup the animations with simulation. The idea is to create an explosion in the back end of the shot. I’m planning to add some floating objects that react to the loss of vacuum after the explosion. As well some flickering lights to setup the mood.
The thing is that I’m clueless of how to achieve it. Does anyone here on the forum could point me out to the right tutorials, or could provide some tips, critique and/or ideas.

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Each floating object needs to be a rigidbody. And within the rigidbody you can disable the “gravity” field weight. That will make the objects float. Look at a Rigidbody tutorial if you’re unsure where to start.

The explosion can be a animated force emitter which goes from 0 to very strong back to 0 very quickly. This will propell all the floating objects. Combine that with an explosion particle effect.