Zero(Megaman) BG contest

My attempt of Zero,I’ve improved the background and the face…


I like the materials and lighting. You might want to increase the subdivisions around the feet. Also the pose is way too symetrical. If you add some variation to the stance it can look more lifelike. I recommend taking a photograph of yourself in the pose and use that as a reference. Also you might consider adding some glow effects in post processing, especially on the swords.

Thank´s for answer my post ^^ and I’ve thought about the glow on the swords ^^ I’ll do it!But what do you think about my chances? hahhahahaa…kidding…

I agree with Heavenstorm - some more subdivisions around the feet would improve it quite a bit around the green part. I also think you might want to adjust your specularity for the grey metal parts. I think it’s supposed to look metallic, but it looks rather like it’s wrapped in plastic or oil. Reducing the scatter and increasing the hardness might be the way to go. Try googling ‘Chrome metal’ for some references of what I think you’re after. Good luck!

As a avid fan of the Blue Bomber series, the lighting is way too dark to get a good view of the character. To be honest with you, the realistic design of Zero doesn’t really look that good to me. Plus the face doesn’t really capture Zero at all. The entire armor setup looks foreign.

Xero Shadow here is another zero I did it first and after this one I did the Human zero…

and here is the reference
Which one do you guys prefer?

The second one you just posted is better, but the lighting needs work and the color of Zero’s crystal is blue not green. Once again, the face needs work.

yah I know about the face thing,but I’´m not good enought to do one better than this!

Then taking a study in face topology is needed. There are plenty guides dealing with that. After the contest is done, I would suggest that you take some time and do some human head modeling when you have the time. In this situation, since the face is more anime based, you will need to try and do a study on that.


and about this? My entry for now!