Zero out transformations

If your trying to create a walk cycle following a path using a NLA modifier and your rig blows up because you did not (in object mode) zero out the tranformations are you basically in trouble? I noticed that the head of my armature was off by 90 in X and the whole face rigging is parented to the head bone. Is there and easy way to fix this?

upload the .blend?

Have you tried just zeroing it out in object mode? Or have you keyframed the object as well?

I can’t upload the blend because it’s too big. I have a bunch of actions keyframed and I am afraid to ask what you mean by keyframed the object. Did I mess up my rig? How do I check if I keyframed the object? Will it show up in NLA and if so can I get rid of it? It didn’t look good when I hit Ctrl + A and zero’ed out the rotation and location. The rig blew up! Somethings wrong and I know it.

how big is the blend file? You can email it to me at [email protected] if it’s under 10 mb.
I have another email address that can take unlimited attachment sizes as well if it’s bigger.

It’s at work so I will email it to you on Monday morning at the [email protected] address. The file is around 3.4 mb. It’s an old school captain blender rig. lol!