Hey guys, this is my latest work.

BTW i did had some problems with the render it crash on my every time i hit F12, the resolution is 1920 X 1080.
I had to reduce the amount of polygons for some of the object.
Do you guys have any ideas of why is this?
Maybe i need more ram? (only got 4 gig of ram).
It seems that my scene has 970,608 verts

Oh wow, I feel old. I remember when my whole hard-drive was 4 gigs. I like the style of this piece, but I don’t know why it crashed. Maybe you had other stuff going on in the background? Sorry that I can’t help more, maybe bumping the thread to the top with this post will attract attention from more knowledgeable artists on here. I’ve been having a similar problem with crashing every time that I unwrap UVs or export the UV layout.

if you share the file, then others might check if there is something wrong with it
It doesnt seam to be a very complex drawing, but looks can be misleading sometimes.

Thank you very much guys, i have been trying to upload the file to the forum using the forums option but it wont let me.
Can you guys tell me what can i do to upload the blend file plz.