There is a Beos reincarnation named Zeta. It looks very good. A friend of mine have it and it is build to use the most of the hardware resources. It uses SMP, P4 hyperthreading support, dual core support. On a PII 350 you can play 18 mp3’s simultaniously while internetting without the system being bogged down. I certainly will order my copy. Now we need Blender for it too :wink:

Check it out at http:\www.yellowtab.com

is it a linux distro? or is it written from the ground up?

Written from the ground up. It’s not Linux. Very optimized stuff. I believe the kernel and most of the OS is written in assembly. The microkernel is a mere 640Kb

When I get my copy, I’ll be reporting more about my experiences with it.

Your wish is reality.


Nice, but not free…
There’s another project under developement, it was named OpenBeOS once but now it is Haiku
I came back to the site, and i’ve found that they have made a lot of work since last time i visited it. Despite this, it is still on early stage of developement.
I hope to see more about this project soon, it is really interesting.