Zeyne 2.4 rig with facial controller

Here is the most recent rig I have been working on. check it out it takes advantage of a few new features which are pretty nifty. first of all I have abandoned my old foot setup for bassams simpler one as well as using minimal IK .



here is a qick descrption of the contents of the different layers

  1. lights, camera, floor
  2. facial controller drivers control mesh keys as well as armature motion
  3. face,clothing (the face is uvmaped with the new live lscm transform and the clothes are vertex painted)
  4. body armature
  5. hair ( I decided to instead of using the new particles to use a mesh atached to the armature. this way i can use the cool new segmented b_bones, as well a soft body) if you don’t know about it there is a cool new organic extrude feature.try this make a sphere select a bunch of faces and push control and lmb click all over the screen)
  6. facial armature( I decided that this is better to keep seperate. a copylocation/rotation constaint is applied to the root bone. it is targeted at the body armatures head bone)
    7-19) empty
  7. extra clothing and sword :wink:

here is the .blend


check out some trial animation here http://www.putfile.com/rbackman

I am trying to start up a animation at blenderprojects.com

be sure to post any animations and make sure yah give me credit where its deserved :wink: have fun … and never stop blendin.

Peace Roberto

Thanks a lot, I will use it to learn, because I am right now reading a lot and trying to understand lots of things on animation!


cool thanx for the comment. i was beging to think no one got it…

I would love to hear more from anyone that has played with it…

thank you for posting your .blend, there isn’t much else out there that I’ve found on shape drivers in 2.4 except bassams .blend on the orange blog.

I did find it a bit confusing though. hard to navigate through
Maybe it would be more usefull to others if you simplified the .blend less models, less layers etc.

what I would like to find out there is more documentation on 2.4 features shapes controllers etc…

again thanks

Amazing animation. I tried to render it to divx on my desktop but I get some kind of error that says no backbuff or something. Any ideas?

Tried out your rig. It’s pretty nice. However, there doesn’t appear to be a way to control where the knees or elbows are pointing. Unless I totally missed something. Control over knees and elbows is pretty important, so if it’s not there, it’s a pretty big oversight.


Thanks for posting the rig !

As a novice level Blender user, I am trying to understand how your face controls “hook up” to the mesh.

I’m going through the Blender wiki and trying to figure it out, but any pointers / info would be great.


Can you be a bit more specific about your license?

Open Content or GNU-FDL? May I use it for wikibooks and for Mediawiki.blender.org? (Credits given, of course)

Thanks for sharing.

I am unable to download it at that link. Is it post anywhere else?

Thank you.

I cannot download the character file too? Was it taken from the server?

Same problem here…

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Here is link to this page: