Hi all,
This is my first project with blender. It is my interpretation of the MSM-07s http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSM-07S_Z’Gok_Commander_Type
I’ve been using the software for about a month and I decided to create this scene in order to teach myself most of the basics of Blender.
I’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks.

Next steps: I need to rig this guy up and put him in a cool pose, and I’d also like to redo the textures at some point.

Totally welcome to comments and criticism, as well as any tips to help me in my exploration of Blender.


I feel like I’m at a good point with this.
I remodeled the feet and the shin pieces, added an armature, fixed some textures on the arms and leg sections, posed and re-rendered.
Most of the post is done in Photoshop, but I’d like to render again doing the dust and bubbles etc in compositor.
Overall I’m very pleased with how my first Blender project came out!
I would love your helpful critiques and comments!