Zhong Fenghua Demon

Circled back and surfaced my Zhong Fenghua sculpt from 2 yrs ago.

Hair was done in Blender using the particle hair system. This was my first experience using it and overall I found it was easy to use and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to learning the tool more and seeing if I can achieve XGen like results with fewer technical complications.

Instagram: @andrewhwang.art
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/andrewhwang



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Cheers again Bart and appreciate the support! Have a great weekend as well!!

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You’re #featured! :ok_hand:

This creeps me out, it’s almost too detailed.

:sweat_smile: still compliment? I hope… :grin: :laughing:

Woke up to that this morning and saw it on IG!! Tyvm Bart!! :raised_hands:

Zhong Fenghua is an artist. Can you explain how this relates to them? Is this a demon they designed?

I found the design, is it OK to share? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oOPPW

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Great stuff.

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Hi Boder! Yes that is correct! One of my favorite illustrative artists to follow and this 3D model is based on his work.

Thanks @alekba !

Bravo!! Sick character!

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This dude has an EPIC barber! Looks pretty sick!

I do think the hair should be a bit thinner, but that is personal taste

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Ha! yeah he’s halfway there to a pompadour. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give it a go with thinning out the strands a bit more for my next hair project!

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Really good! Except one thing; that head is really small, should really be about twice as big imo :slight_smile:

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Like this, or bigger? I know, my photoshop hacks here are so legit :laughing:

I’d go even bigger yeah, something like this:

Maybe it should be even bigger actually, for example his hands are still bigger than his head. But his hair do makes the head look even bigger than it is, so this might be a good compensation sortof :slight_smile:

While doing my quick and dirty photoshopping I took some time to also zoom in and check all the details, and I must say you have done a very good job! Really well made stuff all around ^^