Zig-Zag line wont disappear from material

I can not figure out where this zig-zag line is coming from, I’ve setup a node material, I have a checkerboard floor/base and thought it might be reflecting off of that, but I’ve changed the floor to a solid color and its still there, I’m using cycles in Blender 2.77. this is my 1st post so I don’t think I can upload a picture of what I’m talking about. Any one have suggestions on how to solve this? Other than forgetting about this material. I got the node idea from this site, it was contrast_glossy_89, if the attachment goes thru its between the sun lit top half & the shaded bottom, at the shade line but not all the way around & not symmetrical at the top

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Looks like a terminator artefact, which is caused by low poly geometry in conjunction with high contrast lighting.
Try adding a Subsurf modifier /increasing the Subsurf level on that sphere in order to increase its mesh density.

Thanks for the link IkariShinji. that looks exactly what I have, only thing is I did subdivide even after starting with a 64/32 uv sphere, it looked like a dense mesh, I went ahead and subsurf divided again and now it is no longer smooth, in wire frame mode it looks almost like a solid mesh, Im going to start over with a nurbs sphere. Dark jagged edges are still there.

Why don’t you use a Subdivision Surface modifier (“Subsurf”)?
That way you wouldn’t have to permanently alter your object’s geometry.

Yes, I did do that at 1st. I kept trying to up the SubSurface Modifier and it got worse, I still need to experiment with that. I made a nurbs sphere then converted to a mesh, it seems more spherical than my UVSphere>subsurface>smooth too, and it got rid of that zig-zag band in the middle.