ZIGGURAT - Spaceship inbound


The generation Spaceship Ziggurat approaches Trappist-3 Spaceport 30 years after its disappearance during its maiden flight.
Seemingly undamaged from the outside, the first team to enter the hull found no trace of the 5000 colonists.

I invite you to visit the artstation page to see the full project.

Atmospheric animation made with Blender3D and drawn on Procreate, post-process with After Effects
following the first try I wanted to push for a slightly more complex scene since I could plan in advance how to do it

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Music: Cullah - “Wander and Ramble: Instrumental” on “Cullahnary School (2014)”
Under license (CC BY 4.0)
the font used is Conthrax and was made by my friend Theophile