Zip wire for playground

Good morning,
Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to model a zip-wire that you would find in a childrens playground?
Something like this:
It is basically a wire with a pulley system running over which will deform the wire. That pulley also has a wire attached and the kid sits on this… Hmm lots going on. Thanks in advance

HI, i would start with some closeup references, there are more then handful of types out there. here is one example:zip-wire
then start modelling the plates that holds the wheels then the wheels them self and the parts that connects the wheels. the only way to learn is to have a go make a start then come back and ask specific question regarding the modelling methods. Good luck

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I don’t really have any issues with the modelling (apologies) but it is more with the physics of how to animate it and make it work. I was thinking a bezier curve for the wire but then how can you make this auto deform when the wheels travel over the top?

Ah, sorry i misunderstood your question, i am a key frame animator so have no idea how to dynamically animate this.

There is this old thread that might help:

Thanks Digitvisions, I’ll take a look at that :slight_smile:

How about a bezier curve, with three controls, the central one hooked; the pulley parented to the hook empty then clamped to the curve, then damped tracking another marker clamped to the curve (and parented to the hook empty)?

As you move the hook empty (the control) the pulley follows. You can lower the control to create a dip. The dip will always be at the location of the pulley. (You could even make another non-rendering curve for the control to follow.)

Could be improved further by controls for the handles so that they shortened and lengthened appropriately as the control moved from one side to the other.

Yeah! This is it… I’m going to try this. Thanks @bandages
I’ll report back :slight_smile:

Hi, did you have any luck with the latest meathead?
and did it animate by key-frames or dynamics?

Hi @digitvisions, I’m still working on it (in my spare time - this isn’t my day job!) so I’ll let you know once we have something working. It’s all on the right track though. Thanks for your interest.

Ok well, I’ve got a little way with this now. I’ve managed to animate the dolly along a bezier curve and also used more curves to simulate the wire paying attention to how it deforms due to gravity. Now that I’ve done this along the curve I would like it to bounce back. Do I need to duplicate the object and rotate the curve to do this or is there a way to do it with the original dolly model?
Thanks in advance

The .blend can be downloaded from here if you’re interested: