zippo lighter

This is an indigo render of a lighter i bought when i was on vacation in Scotland. I did an image of it before but i thought i’d try with indigo. 46 hour render this time.


good quality render, i personaly may not like the composition to much but technically a very good render. Did you use metropolis bi-D with or without hybrid?? Also, would like to know how did u do the smoke?

And hey, do you have any idea on how to a render in parts? Like do it for 5 hrs and then pause to resume later when you have spare time on your system?

I love the image. Everything…the smoke, the IOR of the ashtray, the reflections off the lighter and table, even the shelf you threw in to break up the background. 46 hours though…damn.

I like the image in general. The IOR is excellent, textures have subtle details… really good.
I think that composition has a rare crop, maybe i would make completely visible the ashtray and the cigar.
How did you do the smoke if i can ask? Alpha?

Cheers! :wink:

very good detail there offsetting the top of the lighter slightly!

Looks great. The comp is missing something. To me it looks like an Advertisement from a 1970’s magazine, where there would be white text superimposed on the left of the panel telling of the glories of the Zippo.
@anuraag: You can resume Indigo renders. Either manually or with a script. Check out the forum at

thanks a lot to everyone for your replies and feedback. the composition is indeed missing something. I had planned to add plants to the background, but it didn’t look right and I got lazy… and decided to leave it bare, but i’m gonna pretend its an artistic choice :smiley:

and yes indigo renders can be resumed. i did this one in 11 hour chunks, while i slept. I believe the ‘change log’ that comes with indigo is where i learned how. the render settings were the blendigo default… metropolis bidirectional, no hybrid (i think)

the smoke is an alpha map (in indigo, a blended material)… but making the alpha map was a fun experience. I tried photographing smoke, to no avail. I eventually decided to take a photo of a glass of water with a white background, and put a drop of blue food coloring in the water. inverted the colors, desaturated, flipped, and walla… ciggarette smoke

That’s one awsome image. I love the smoke.(btw its viola not walla :P) And that’s one awsome lighter…good job on photorealism. The back of the cigerate…just doesnt feel believeable…everything else is lovely though.

i never klaimed i koold spel :smiley:

Voila, he plays the viola in WallaWalla (and sets his zippo on the table).

Technically a very fine image, needs some compo love, thoough.

well, i gotta give it to you, mighty fine image.
no crits, it’s as good as they come.
I love your idea for the cigarette smoke.
what a great idea!

i saw this on the indigo site before finding it here. great job!

the background is neat… but i dont like the Zippo itself. The fine detail is nice but the overall material looks like “out of the place”. …

yes i agree =)
great render tho =):smiley: