havnt been able to work on my major projects while my pc is an the shop been hacked to peices, so i made this today, not much, took about an hour and a half probably, any way, anythoughts?.

The Cloth: 4 Stars (I LOVE the cloth…it would be 5 stars all the way if you could add a more realistic edge to the right side. The extreme curvature takes away some of the photorealism [of course…unless that’s what you’re going for] )
The Texture: 4 Stars (The texture and bump mapping are on time! Yes, I can see the crease where the texture has been divided but if you got rid of that…it would look flawless!)
The zippo: 3 Stars (I like the zippo…it really looks good no joke…but I can’t place my finger on what keeps it from going up a star or two…maybe the name? maybe a small zippo symbol…I dunno)
Lighting: 3 Stars (I LOVE the lighting but because you are going for photorealism [or so it seems] the strong light facing the zippo and the strong dark behind the zippo intensely reduces the realistic value)
Keep in mind…this is just my opinion…others may have lower or higher ideas but overall…I think this picture looks very good!

Your lightning set up is very nice. And I like how you actually placed your object on something, instead of just the floating in the middle of nowhere like magic scenes. Great cloth material and setup, though I agree that the edge is a little odd, I really like the subtle wrinkles you put into it. Good attention to detail. (btw, how did you do it?)

Now, for the bad stuff. Ugh, that material for the lighter–ugly. It looks like cheap plastic. set the col to black, and turn ray mirror on to full (1.000). That should get you off in the right direction. Maybe you could add scratches and stuff, too.

I’m thinking right now, maybe your light is a little too bright? This isn’t a surgery table, turn it down a little. Right now, I don’t feel like the image brings the lighter out enough. There’s too much other stuff, so maybe try tightening up your light. If you aren’t already, use a small spot or a really small area light–that will also hide the tiling of your wood texture.

Overall, it’s very good for an hour’s work.