ZLOOB - 3D Cartoon chara

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I post my first thread on the forum, I hope to find help and ideas to progress with Blender ^^

Anyway, let’s go on this topic!

I introduce you Zloob, my 3D favorite cartoon character i made one year ago, from a draw i made.

Here are somes pics about this WIP :

I did a first rig for Zloob, but i was not totally satisfy so i’m working in this moment on a new and final rig, i want to get a clear rig, in order to animate him !

Can you tell me if its mesh is okay or something’s missing ? And what’s wrong in the rig i did … It’s been severals days i’m blocked on this step and i begin to get crazy about it !
What’s wrong ? :frowning:

here is the pastall file : http://www.pasteall.org/blend/18175

Thanks you for your advices,