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Hey all,

I was recently searching around on Source Forge and I got bored so I typed in “blender” just to see what would come up. So I noticed there was a Quake like game in the records. I looked it up and noticed it was by Kib, SirDude, Green(formerly Rash) and fopixel. So I’m saying to myself that this game has got to rock! I mean, these people are some of the best known people to use and model with blender. But then I look at the last time that it was updated… Over a year ago! So I’m wondering to myself why hasnt the game been updated in such a long time? But I throw that thought and download the game and… the terrain and atmosphere totally rock. no doubt about it. but the movement is kinda screwy which is logical I guess because the game engine has evolved a little in the year that they havent updated it.

My question is I guess, why hasnt the game been updated in over a year? It had such good potential but got totally abandoned.

Here’s the link btw http://sourceforge.net/projects/zlyden/

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hahahaha :slight_smile:

Thats an old version though
This is a much newer version.

I started this game project becouse I wanted to

  1. Test how good the game engine was at real world game types.
  2. Start up a long lasting project with some friends

In the end we stoped working on it becouse we got tired of running into a wall with blender game engine.
It was buggy slow and lacked features that made it impossible to ever finish creating the game.
So since we knew it could never be finished there was no point in going on.

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I voted no