I’m trying to understand zmasking. The manual refers to an example but doesn’t show the example:
… and it’s 2.4 and doesn’t show “Mask Layers” under “Layers”

I have :
Camera — mask — object 1 — object 2

I want to animate the mask so that it gradually masks object 1 without effecting object 2. (Mask is not rendered)

Can anyone help please ?

This is an exercise in node-based compositing, so you should first read the docs and tutorials for current versions of Blender, e.g. at BlenderCookie, to start planting some ideas.

For the most part, at this point in time, “don’t worry about how they did it in the 2.4x tutorials.”

Thanks sundial. I’ve found I can do the masking without using nodes. I use nodes to zcombine background objects.