Zody 2 Level 1-3 up for testing.



This is a fully playable level I have created to get some feedback.
Here are the controls:

Here is the windows runtime


Blender file:

Mortality! Zody now can die.

Dust poofs+sound when Zody jumps high, and hits the ground.

2 New levels.

2 Bots.(Can kill bots with blocks.)

Even more movement tweaks and fixes…

any form of feedback would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Thanks everyone.

I can’t talk about gameplay, because I’m on Linux and all you provided here is a windows runtime (why can’t you just post the .blend in the first place, and have everybody able to play from the start?)

However, looking at the screenshots, and the control setup, it looks quite fun. And assuming that it doesn’t venture that far from how the original Zody played, I’m sure that it actually is.

That said: The graphics seem somewhat out of place this time around. Maybe it’s because we’re all used to the original Zody level being vertex painted, but the textures and colors you picked here just seem out of place.

I think the same can be said about the font chosen to represent the on-screen text.

btw, what happened to your “mystery programmer” and his advanced in-game text solution? :o

Also, about Zody itself, I prefer the original. I mean the tentacle eyes somewhat ruin this one for me, because it just makes him/her look like a dweeb.

here is the blender file:

Hi social,

Thanks for your opinions :slight_smile:

(why can’t you just post the .blend in the first place, and have everybody able to play from the start?)


my free file hosting only allows 15k transfers.

The houses are going to be “toon-ed” before the final release, as with the trees and other foliage.
This release will determine how many houses stay, and the texture sizes I use.

this test release will also determine how the controls, and physics are set up in the final version.

can you linux and osx guys let me know if you get the sounds? thanks :smiley:

Much better than the old version.

I had a joystick problem at first, but then I calibrated it, and everything works great.
How do you get all the fine controls to work? I can only get 1 joystick action per direction to work.

Also, how did you animate the texture background in the intro? Reminds me of old Iron butterfly, and pink floyed concerts in the 60’s.

well anyway, I give this the 5 ascii star award for a game demo:
***** :smiley:

I’ll test the game as soon as I can, but I’d like to say now that I think the original Zody model was a lot cuter. I find the new one rather repulsive, to be honest.

Great demo!
I loved it! Tried to play it with a joystick but the cable got stuck behind the furniture so I used the keyboard and it’s working very well.
Game itself looks great, I wouldn’t change much there… Music is right on the spot, wish there were more…
Movements are a bit confusing sometimes, mostly when flying in the air and trying to move around but I guess that’s the way it should be.
Great work so far!

Nice models = )

The visuals arent lacking from what I can see but I dont have time to test it now. Unfortunately I dont have a joystick so I cant provide feedback on that but I’ll definately come back later to comment on the gameplay with the keyboard. Looks neat!

Dude, Write a tut for your trees. I’ve been looking on how to do that for ages!

I found it. You did not use an animated texture in the intro, it is all done with a colored light.

please check your PM

I test the game, very well done, i enjoy it!! :smiley:


Hi Mmph!

The controls are all set up with the tolerance setting, I have 3 settings for each direction.
1500 for slow walk 2000 for faster walk and 30000 for dead run.
The inreo backdrop is all done with just a plane and a IPO spotlight.

Hi plant person,
The new Zody was actually inspired by your Zark creature. I like the eyeball at the end of a feeler thingie.Any testing and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for concitering.

Hi space strudel,

Thank you for testing the game, The music was found here:

Lots of other great titles to get some samples from. I love the (cc) licence.
Look under Ambient, and Instrumental for more great game/movie music.
They stream the music to you so you can listen in real time. You can also download the entire albums via Emule or Bittorrent, they have funky MP3s or my favorite the OGG format.

Hi Ven0mSevenX,
Thanks for the compliment, I worked very hard on the meshes.
Any feedback would be great, I need critiquing on the keyboard controls too :D.

Hi the red hand,

I did have a tutorial for the trees and a bunch of other blender tutorials on my web site. Unfortunately someone did not like it, and drained my site until the provider dropped my account and deleted all my content.It was right when my system crashed and my backups happened to be corrupt :frowning:

I will see if Mmph! wants to do some on his website.They are really simple once you understand what I am doing.

Hi nicknamez,

Thanks for the snapshot, and for testing my game. I love to hear when people enjoy my work, thank you for posting.

Mega update,


Controls are much faster now for left and right.

applied a -1 on the dloc when zody is on the floor so you cannot “hang” on the sides of the blocks anymore.

Added 7 new and interesting jump sounds.

Tweaked the textures to give it more of a “toon” look. (updated the snapshots in first thread)

If no one finds any major bugs, or annoyances I think I will start on level 2.

File is listed in the first thread.

Thanks for playing , and please give feedback.

The amazing flying farting slug! JK.

Took me a while to get used to flying, basically I just held down A,W, and then pressed space to lay a block. And then to turn the other way in flight switch W to D. I’m not sure if that is the way you meant it to be played, but I found that way to be pretty fun. I liked the flash from the blocks exploding.

Oh, and I like the eyes this way better then old zody. More slug like.
Good work.

Hey p00f,

Fun stuff. I really enjoyed the way you used layering (some things in front of the character and behind) to add extra depth to the scene. My graphics card is dumb, so I didn’t get the full effect (it dropped a lot of the textures because of lack of memory…).

Everything played smooth for me, except I did not hear the sounds on Linux (Mint Bianca/Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty hybrid). I ran the file from the terminal and did not see any errors being generated. Did you make this with 2.44 or 2.45? I’m still on 2.44, so that might be part of the problem (I hear they reworked the append feature in 2.45).

Looking forward to level 2.

Sorry to disagree about that, but for me it’s one of two things.

  1. I am just used to zody being the other way,
  2. I think he looked better before, but I guess for new games, you need new ideas, and zody would be very boring if he was the same old slug over and over again.

Still, good work. Hoping to find that tut around here somewhere.:spin:

The inreo backdrop is all done with just a plane and a IPO spotlight.

yea , I got that far already :stuck_out_tongue: read the rest of my post.

Please check your PM, I swear to god it is not a joke this time :smiley:

Damn, what do I have to click to make the crappy free-file-
hoster work? (Firefox 2.0).


Damn, what do I have to click to make the crappy free-file-
hoster work? (Firefox 2.0).

yea they are assholes.

I had to use my Oprah to download it.

They have really gone down hill in my opinion.
It is your Adblock that they are censoring in firefox. If you have noscript they #uck with you too…

@p00f, I have some webspace, why not let me host your files?

Thank you for playing everyone, The feedback is really helping me out :smiley:

Hi Superkoop,
The amazing flying farting slug!

Haha! that was one of the first names I wanted to call this :smiley:
You got the right idea with the controls too.
I am thinking about an adventure mode.

Hi Blendenzo,
This was done in blender 2.45. Sorry to hear about the sound. I may try the pygame sounds in the future versions.

Hi Calli,

I need to get a better file host. I may go and spend the whopping 35$ and get me some unlimited downloads site

Hi Mmph,
Thanks for the info…
I may take you up on that, can you give me FTP access so I don’t have to bug you every time I need to update?

well , Thank you everyone!

No apologies necessary. I’m going to look into it a bit further and see what the problem is. Since I last posted, I have tried it once with 2.45 and still had no sound, but I was not running it from its own directory in the terminal (which seems to be a requirement for sound on Linux). I’ll try running it from its directory in Terminal, and I’ll also see if I get success by compiling a binary (sound usually works for me in BGE binaries).

A heads up on the pygame thing: in 2.44, pygame sounds were not playing. I looked into it and found that pygame cannot access the mixer while running inside Blender (the same exact script ran fine outside of Blender).

I haven’t tested this in 2.45 yet, but I don’t have any reason to believe the problem has been fixed. You may want to focus on continuing to develop other aspects of the game for now.

Oh, I had a chance to play the game on a Windows machine at work, and I was very impressed. The scenery looks great (I especially liked your trees), and I really liked the intro. I let my boss play for a few minutes (it was his birthday), and he said “If anything really bad ever happens to me in life, I can look back on today and say ‘At least I was able to play Zody the Slug.’” He also suggested that there should be some sort of obstacle (such as enemies or locked doors that require keys) to interfere with Zody’s quest to gather the flags.