ZOID - SolidShell


C&C welcome :smiley:

wip - https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17650&highlight=

It looks cool, but slightly unfinished. My crit: composition is too symetrical, and its not easy to read the form of the thing.
More please!


it looks awesome!

but… does handstand, tilts head on side

how does it “go”?"

im a bit disoriented…


animate it!!!

sildigit - %| yeah it is unfinished, I just got tired of it but I’ll try to finish it when i have the time.

skeletor - yep

shapeshift - it is a alittle complicated even Im confused just thought it looks cool :smiley:

could we see a blender render?

skeletor - no problemo amigo :Z :smiley:


thats P-I-M-P! (cool!)

Looks cool, but it think the bottom part and its hand(err…gun?) need to be more abstract so it balance with the upper part.

Awesome work and very cool style :smiley:

Looks good but as slikdigit said, the composition is off, i suppose the front view is ok, but if you are going to use then try and clean up your yafray settings to get it a bit more defined. It looks bllurred because of it all being the same colour as well.