ZOIDS MMORPG Modeller Needed

We are looking for a 3d Modeller who is able to make models suited for the unity game engine. The project is going to be known as ZOIDS MMORPG for more information please check out the website.
zoidsmmorpg.freeforums.org • Index page
Full details are on the site, if you are wondering as to exactly what needs to be created google image search zoids and you’ll easily find what we are looking for. All responses will be taken through the above website.

Hope to see you on the team.

You are quite good at spamming this help-request on a lot of forums as a first-time-poster, I’ll give you that. But beyond that it’s quite rushed and without much plan. You put up some generic ideas-post there which contains not much to get started with. Ideas are a dime a dozen and to be honest what you spam around there in the recent time is not much to get started with. Before you go around trying to scratch together as many people as you can (and trying to make a bloater-team) you should first sit down and spend some weeks getting some actual design going. The worst games are though starting out with nothing and the promise “we build it with the community as we go”. In this situation you have no plan and no direction since every man and his dog has an opinion totally orthogonal to all others. You are way too early in the process to spam help-request around forums as first-time-poster. Besides MMOs are the most difficult kind of project you can do. You lack any experience in game development so going for an MMO as a first-time project (and then a huge scale project as you claim it to turn into) is a sure-failure. You don’t even know what is all required to get an MMO running.

Personally I would like to see something different with Zoids but to be honest:

  • not in such a disorganized way
  • not as an MMO
  • and not with Unity

So the idea in the first place was already fully created we had already spent the time developing the concept and everything but I wasn’t going to go out and just give such an amazing concept to anyone you see and so I waiting trying to find those people who had more interest than others and actually went to the forums had a search and saw what they could find and that’s how I found what is the current team. We’ve already been able to release several versions with our newest version working to a reasonable extent considering how it started development about 1 month and a half ago. But we are still looking for modellers and animators the programming is going at such a pace that we need the modellers and such to keep up so if you’re interested stop by and check out the newest version as well as post any questions, queries, etc.


Odjin, one thing you must learn is to never doubt the ability of a 6 year old

If I learned one thing while doing game development it’s that 6 years old don’t know what it takes to get a game together which is worth playing in the end. They especially have no idea about MMO programming which is quite a beast to handle properly outside lab-conditions not even remotely resembling real-world scenarios. It’s not done by simply slaping some models on a pseudo-landscape and let some FPS code running you copy-paste from the internet. Sorry to be blunt but you don’t have any experience with game-design and you talk about making an MMO… as a 6 year old? Sorry but this simply doesn’t cut it. Games are not made with copy-paste from the internet, especially not an MMO. On that forum I see nothing remotely resembling a serious game design except “idea guy” talk about how great everything without the faintest plan how this all works out. Can you get an SP game done or an MP-2P or MP-4P? Yes, that’s possible. Can you get an MO or MMO done? No way. Go for a match-up MP-2P or MP-4P and I would say you have a chance. With an MMO you just waste the time of everybody and drive this project straight up a wall.

For a 6 year old your game is alright, but i also think you are too young.
For a MMO Game you need a really large Team and alot of experience.
I would also recommend to start a bit smaller:

  • Start with a Arena Game (1vs1). You will have enough to do building the fight mechanics, animations, UI, models, enviroment, aso.
  • Then you can add AI Enemies to the Arenas.

I think a Arena Game is pretty simple and also a good start. It depends on your team how long it would take to finish something like that.
Let’s say you are 5 people. 1 Animator, 1 Modeler, 2 Programmers and 1 Concept Artist.
I think it could take a 6 months to polish everything and finally have a playable good game. Not perfect, but something you could share with others. And you will also learn a few things about the structure of a game, how to organize, solve problems, aso.
I think it would take about 10-20 times longer to finish a polished MMO game (so about 5-10 years).

You don’t believe me? I want to mention “Path of Exile”. It’s a Diablo like MMO.
2008 they started developing with a team of 10-20 people.
2012 they started beta testing and polishing the game (bug fixes, balancing). (about 20-30 people in the team)
2013 they released the game and also increased their team to 40-50 people.

Any Community MMO Project will fail sooner or later, because of soo many reasons. I really recommend to rethink about your game idea and work out a smaller project. Or join an existing game project and gain some experience, before you start a MMO Project.

The plan is to development the game in a way so that it’s not instantly an mmo we are starting the alpha in a arena based form like you are saying along with network capabilities for 4p etc etc. We hope to get the game to an extent first where it is playable as an arena type game and then as we continue to work on it, due to it already being playable as an arena we will be able to take more time to upgrade it to an MMO as people wont be needlessly waiting, they will be playing the game as it gets updated. The idea is to get the models and combat system working in an arena format basically then we can start to upgrade it to an MMO.

A game has to be planed from the beginning for being an MMO. You don’t take an MP-4P and upgrade it just like that to an MMO. The infrastructure is fundamentally different. Stay with MP-4P or something like this. MMO is vastly overrated and usually not remotely as fun as a properly done MP game made for 16 or 32 players tops. Especially with a game mechanic like this MMO is not the right choice to begin with. An MP based game works well with this game mechanics though. Keep it simple. An MMO doesn’t cut it for this project.

Watch me do it

i can’t even play the game is there a download. while i am a huge fan of the ZOID series this is a huge project. you should do more of like what the Game Cube zoid game was. Single player story line. but have the option for a multiparty action in the game.

example. the player is traveling with a Zoid team which is AI controlled but at anytime during a battle time you can “add” player who takes over one of the AI controlled team mates. Or they could be a enemy team member.

MMOs need decent sized team of programmers, modelers, texture artist etc. Also while this can be considered a fan game now; if it gets to big you might land in some hot water. Also there is already a MMO Zoid game i think.

still a better version of the game cube Zoid game would be nice.

And certainly without the crappy controls. I’ve yet to see a Zoid game (except RPGs) that does not have controls making you puke. Something I want to change in my prototype for sure :smiley:

Do you have a time plan? Are you only working when you feel like it, or do you intend to work to a schedule? How many people can you honestly say you have working on this consistently? Do you know the appropriate programming? Are you sufficiently experienced in the relevant areas? If you aren’t experienced enough, and don’t have a consistent team, you need to scale it back.

We don’t have an overall time plan as the game has to be created and stepped through everything in processes, currently we are aiming to have a detailed alpha ready by new years day. As far as working on it goes currently the two most consistent people are myself and the programmer. We are constantly working on it as much as we get. As far as modellers go we have some but obviously models take a lot of time and effort and so we are getting models and they are consistent updates and tweaks but we need a larger amount of people working on models in order to keep up with the speed of the programming. Yes we are definitely experienced enough to pull of a project like this as long as we stay dedicated like we are planning to. The controls concept has been completed figured out so don’t worry it won’t be dodgy like that of zoids battle legends. I’ve already looked into zoids battles legends etc and they are good but we are taking it to the next level. Our first step is to reach a similar game to that and then work forward from there. Also the old MMO Zoid game was never made to a high level and the servers were taken offline eventually. So basically what I’m saying is


What you are saying is “we still need a plan”. ZBL had one of the most fucked up controls of all the zoids games I’ve seen up to date. If you aim on those controls I’m certainly never going to even test it. Controls are a cramp there and cramp is bad.

Our controls aren’t going to be based anything near their’s what I meant by being similar is more at a graphic level we hope to be up to that if not surpass it by alpha, same with map size and world physics, with a few slight adjustments of course.

Not too difficult to surpass “that” level of graphics. Even the NDS Zoid games had better graphics than that. Just leave the broken inverse kinematics out of the game. It didn’t work at all there (feet on your back anybody?).

Haha obviously I understand the graphics are lower but the game is a good idea of what we want to base our alpha around, I’m not saying it’s going to be exactly the same or anything cause that would be just recreating the same game. I mean more so keep to that level if not higher where the game is in a playable state.

Let’s see first how the gameplay turns out. Not everything that looks good on paper plays good afterwards.