Zombie AI for -COMA-

Hi can anyone help or even make me a simple zombie AI i would like it to freely walk around as if it were serching for flesh to eat and when the payer comes into its vicinity the zombie will chase and hunt down and attack but once the player gets so far away the zombie retrets to find somthing dead to eat knowing it cant catch you…

i have a male and feamale zombies fully textured
a shot of the male zombie


Check this one:

it might help

its good but i need some more help and stuff :confused: :confused:
it doesnt really help because it goes after the prey allways it doesnt search about first but thanks for the help man :wink: :smiley: need more tho…:frowning: :o

Just set up an ipo with a walk action for when he’s looking around set to a near sensor inversed or an always sensor with the pulses turned off, and another near sensor for the chasing AI.