Zombie box (BGE Sandbox)

Personally, I dislike user created games like Little big planet, minecraft, and map editors - perhaps my imagination is dwindling, who knows. Who cares? because everyone else seems to like them… I think that is probably the main reason for having landed myself with this humble beginning.

About 5 hours work, and using most of my old work. The “player” can:

  • add from a library of over 50 objects
  • rotate these (delete, resize and moving tools coming soon :D)
  • enter the game as a player, currently only a car is available, but I willalso make a third and/or first person shooter rig, etc
  • zombies! (the best kept secret of the lazy game designer :p)
  • painting the ground, in the video, you can see it paints a pattern, I used this instead of block colour as I think it looks better.

I like to think it is a very streamlined experience, but I will let you decide at demo time.

To do:

  • fps/tps rigs
  • icons to show the current object that will be added when in “editor”
  • contraptions -premade physics contraptions, like catapults, slingshots, pendulums, etc
  • objectives - like the gameplay elements in the far-cry editor, spawn points, flags, etc.
  • NO MENUS (more of a “not to do” :p)

Interesting. Best map editor I’ve seen so far in Blender. But I don’t get out much…lol.
Can’t wait to see it finished.

Thanks :smiley:
The next big thing will be to add a save system, which will be easy, but will require some work as the load system needs to be “slipped” underneath the current set-up, so to speak.
If it’s of any interest to anyone, I’m using 2.49… still… (Is there even anyone else still using it?)

Not as easy as you may think. The problem is if you want to save, you need each object individualized. So you cant add “Cube” over and over or it won’t save. The script will handle the location of “Cube” but only one location. Good luck, looks very cool!

… I am…
Looks really cool Btw. I’ve always wanted to do something like this (I’m still working on getting better at python)…

thanks for the feedback guys, good to hear I’m not the only one left on 2.49!
My confidence in the save/load side only comes from the fact I’ve done 3 systems already :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to try to add (I have a very good idea aout how) a system for saving multiple map configurations.

An interesting game. I like the idea of a user-creation game, though zombies are very, very overused. Anyway, that’s my personal opinion.

I agree with Solar on the zombie issue. Why so many zombie games? I mean yeah. Zombies are cool, but come on.
Keep everything as is, but take the zombies out, and put something else in. Like Orcs, or Aliens, or…why not let the player decide.

I think I should have mentioned: I agree with them being overused, and personally hate zomvies ingames, BUT at the time, I needed a very quick (it took a mere hour to get them modelled, textured, rigged, animated and scripted) object that would have almost no overhead. The zombies aren’t the main focus of this by any means, I suppose I mean that they’re are currently a “placeholder”,but one I’ll probably leave in. I do plan to add a wider variety of npc’s for the player to add, a few different player rigs (fps, tps, platformer, etc) to choose to play with. Zombie box is just theWIP name. I love the orc idea, seriously. :yes:

Thanks. It was the woodsy atmosphere that gave me that idea.
And I like that you’re pulling this off with Blender. It’s pretty cool.

amazing, create your own zombie apocalypse XD please do finish this

I still use 2.49, but i plan onmoving to 2.5x when the last stable release comes out…

Looks good so far. I really like what you did with the sky at the end.

@ Raven - The current release is stable (and is a finished product). So… yeah.

thanks for the interest :smiley:
I’m on study leave from college, so have plenty of time to work on it now :cool:
The next 2 steps will be saving/loading and more NPC’s.
The delete, resize and move tools aren’t really steps as they’ll be very easy to implement.
Also, I have a few ideas floating around, but you’ll haveto waitto see ifthey cometo fruition :smiley:

Very cool editor haker, I was sawing your video and I notice that there is a motion blur effect, have you used it?
I have some old cars that I made, if you want them I can send you

I used a motion Blur filter, I made it myself with a giant cheat in the method, but it works on ATI too and looks decent. I also used a glow filter I made.

The cars sound awesome; I’ll be working on it today, and hopefully get a better idea of when the first release will be - I’m planning to release a Blend to help people learn from it, and allow them to add their own stuff then :smiley:

Here is a pack of vehicles that you can use, they are no texturized but i think that they can be usefull for you, they are very low poly but they have significant detailing level i think.
about the motion blur filter, can you share it with us, I would love to try it out!
link for the cars: http://www.mediafire.com/?fjbahef28b8gjo1
I have a lot of furiture here, texturized and not texturized, i dont know if this ll be helpfull but I can send you those too maybe to create houses and on the scenario what you think?

Wow, those are awesome model, like you said, low poly, but enough detail :smiley:
I’m still working on making things work, luckily adding objects is very easy, all I have to do is write the name down, add the object, and done! :smiley:

Finished the object editing tools, next stop; saving.

then - creating structure, story, tasks, just something to give it more of a point (but not to lose freedom)

then - the never ending process of adding more objects :smiley:

Was messing around with sound, but they can be done later, as it is too time consuming to risk making something that could potentially be removed…

“Zombies are overused?”…(and I wanted to do my own zombie game…).
Nice editor Haker23, keep it up, it’s got quality, and 2.49b is stable, I still use it to do some stuff, but I nearly completly moved to 2.5X.
Good luck, adn keep it up!

Thanks, and I will, here’s a little update :smiley:

And I think it’s more a view of the general “landscape” of the games being made, though that doesn’t mean that zombies aren’t/can’t be good, just that they get used a lot, and - forgive me for not having researched - but the idea given by the word zombies are the slow, brain-dead things (like I made :o ), I haven’t seen a game yet with left-for-dead/resident evil style zombies that are genuinely scary, because they AREN’T the slow kind…