Zombie chain saw uhh.. I dont know how to spell it

im working in a game focused on killing zombies with a chain saw and I would like some help with it like I need some one who can texture and stuf

all I have at the moment is a chain saw and movemet and a zombie but I dont think I going to use the zombie

soo I need voliteres


Nice chainsaw! So, any experience with the Game Engine? If so, good. You’ll have a lot more chance for help with texturing and ‘stuf’ if you are. If not, good on ya’ for trying to recruit =D

What’s the game gonna be about? Just chainsawing zombies? If so, sounds like one great concept you’ve got there.

Nice concept =). Im gonna keep my eye on this thread =P. Good luck.


I dont mind texturing for you a bit, just PM me if you would like my assistance or a trial thingy like if you like my style or not.

You could always adapt your work to the preferred style.

right now, the chainsaw will not be seen during the runtime… it’s out of the box. The dotted lines inside the camera is the bounds, the rounded square shaped dotted line is the safe zone.

And I think you wanted to say Zombie Chainsaw Massacre?

make it real people instead of zombies and i’ll join…

looking good so far i’ll help if i can i’m really good with the bge i can’t help all the time though cause of school!lol

How about some huge pruning scissors?

sorry I havent ben on in a long time but anyways i’ll start ansering thing
yes I have some experince
no I cant make it people

ok well this is all I got cuz I havent ben on like atall soo its just alitle and I dont know why its soo choppy


chain saw.blend (690 KB)

ok well this is all I got cuz I havent ben on like at all and I stil need to ad movemet and a bunch of other things as you can see


chain saw.blend (690 KB)

wo!just downloaded i have alot of critizing to do!!1.your chainsaw way to high poly!2.Slows my computer down to 1 fps and my max fps on my cpu is 45!edit:max fps4!3.Need to work on textures badly couldn’t see chain saw in texture mode!!i’ll stop there for now!

The thing that really slowed down the computer, for me, was that I don’t have Apple2. If you do make a distro, make sure it doesn’t require too much from the downloader.

Oh yea, really slow fps. I’m hitting 3 fps and I usually hit around 40 for a game.
But when I changed the bounds of the collision box from box I got a big increase in the fps.


The physics settings really gave me some heavy lags…




yah I know its slow but its just a start

Then it should be quick.