Zombie Classic - 3D Zombie FPS

Zombie Classic
Survive the never ending zombie attack for as long as you can in this amazing first person shooter!

-2 Weapons
-Small Map

W- Move forward
A- Sidestep left
S- Move backward
D- Sidestep right
Q- Rotate 90 degrees left
E- Rotate 90 degrees right
Space- Shoot
R- Reload
F- Aim in/out
Mouse- Look around/click on things

Current release: Zombie Classic V.1.0.2 Looks Pack

Made by:

UPDATE 7/27/14 6:04 PM
The next expansion pack is expected to be released soon. It is called the “Street View Pack”.

Screenshots… videos?

Grab a screenshot or two and post them, people are much more prone to download and try if you provide some material on the game :slight_smile:

well the extension of the file is missing.
i have no idea what “Zombie Classic V.1.0.0” should be. i tried .blend, .exe, .zip, .rar,…

So for me it’s just about 16 mb of nothing. Maybe fix the download link or atleast tell us what this file is supposed to be.

Basic Pack Released!
You can now fight off zombies using another weapon, and you can replenish your ammo by picking up spawning ammo packs! Plus, there is more room to run with a bigger map!

Bigger map!

New weapon!

I haven’t tried the game yet:o but I have 2 advises for you:

  1. Fit the UV Map to the brick texture.
  2. Use a seamless texture for the wall.

That will make the game look better. (sry for my bad english:D)

LoL im already playing the Zombies keep getting me lol its very fun i been trying over and over. I notes the bullets on the floor but that where the Zombies are lol very nice game thank u very much :slight_smile:

The “Looks Pack” has now been released. This expansion pack includes a bigger map, a new gadget, and many more small details that have been added to the game! This means more fun while you are slaughtering zombies!