"Zombie Game" - game progress

“Zombie game”(not actual title of game) its a big project, it will have lots of updates and maybe in future DEMO. Every texture is made by myself using Ms Paint and Gimp. But now i just post two screens:

Its “2D” Game from TOP view

Gameplay video



This is just one screenshot gameplay. in the near future i will upload gameplay video



This will be a free-roam game like GTA, i will make huge map.


When will the demo be released?
btw, its not 2D. Its more like gta chinatown wars.:yes:

hmm, there arn’t many zombie games on the forums already Great idea!
Zombie Games
(some of them arn’t zombie games, but the majority of them are)

I’m wondering why so much people love to make zombie games :confused:

What are the games that impact people to decided to make a zombie game?

Well, I like the top down view, it looks good so far, using MS paint and GIMP for textures? Why not just GIMP :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck man.

First small uptade. I added Interface, and really cool things, like when u shoot zombie, it show his blood where u shoot, and the same is with u when zombie hit u there is blood under u.


And i also create a BLUE small house inside



Im still wondering what this game should be, a free roam like a GTA, or a game with levels- and u will can choose what level u want to play. What do you thing?

free roam and you decide what to do choose your own path. Kinda like spider-man 3

First mini gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IKMG2n3DnY

lol nice I’m currently working on a zombie tds too lol