Zombie Hand

I was archiving some projects that I did earlier in the year. I like looking at other people’s work here, so I thought I should do a better job of sharing some of my projects.

I’ve made quite a lot of short films, but this is my first attempt at a horror film. The special effect element is a detached zombie hand.

It’s rigged with IK on the fingers to be able to move around, and it’s on Blendswap here:

This was my first serious attempt with substance painter, and it was fun to do.

Also, one thing I tried was using photogrammetry to setup the room environment for working out where to animate the model, for lighting and shadow catching. I’d normally just add a few planes and cubes, but in this case the hand crawls through the end of a cane chair, so I had to get it at least fairly close. I didn’t go to a lot of trouble - just 12 photos, and used the free VisualSFM and Meshlab path. If you haven’t seen this before, the work flow is explained rather well here:


The result was a bit rough - here’s the clay image of the geometry produced:

The arm of the chair wasn’t good enough for what I was after, but it made it easy just to draw a few curves as required. The cleaned up chair and blind turned out like this:

Again, this wasn’t to be seen in the renders, just used for reflections and shadow casting on both the hand model and the furniture in the live shots. It worked very well, and I’d do the same again. I wish the 2.79 shadow catcher was out at the time - it would have been handy.

The finished movie is here…

One more thing…

I popped the hand on Sketchfab…