zombie ideas

hey i need some help guys my imagination is at a loss i cant seam to make up zombie or mutant ideas iv made a screacher (see here) but i need more ideas such as a boss or two a special zombie/mutant. thanks.


I’m not saying to copy what they have done. However this may get the ole juices running.

Oh and Hai Blender artists!:eyebrowlift2:

please reply i haves some spare time but nothing to do with it since i suck at level design…

Well I guess we could all just increase our post count…

So you want us to make the game idea for you?
Why don’t you just go with the other hundreds of zombie games that go like this:
Stuck in city, many zombies, escape, have shotgun.

Sorry for being a little rude, but you should think of your own ideas for a game.

“stuck in a city, zombies, lots of guns” isn’t a bad idea if you are able to add your own twist to it. If you’re gonna make a game, then you will need to have the story premice already down, you can’t just say “i wanna make a game, lets get the resources and i’ll make a storyline as we go along”

I took a look at the thread you posted, perhaps you would be interested in joining the team that I’m working with? Those weapons that are shown on that thread would be very useful to me and my team. And i had a similar idea to your “screacher”. The link to our official thread is in my signature. Take a look! :smiley:

-Luke Gibson, Founder, Project “Fight The Power”

i obviously dont need help for the full game i have a story line i was stuck yesterday making a consept for a specalty zombie/mutant and i asked for help on this post, i double posted as a bumb i obviously have my own ideas to so dont be disrespecful when its not nessasary

I posted a link but it said i have to be approved by an admin.

Look up zombie hunters on google then check out there encylopedia of zombie types.

I’m not saying to rip their ideas but it may get the creative juices flowing.

Also hello to blender artists… long time reader first time poster.