"Zombie maze" game with working AI. (Demo Out!!)

Hello blender artists, this is my recent WIP, as the title says, its a maze (with zombies), with working AI.

Demo:[](‘http://www.mediachicken.com/upload/file.php?type=blends&file=Zombie AI funkar_378457596.blend’)

The AI is by the kind that Mmph showed us, almost, i might have made it a bit more complicated that he did.
It’s made using logic bricks, (Yeah, lame, i know) and the enemies (zombies) are navigating trough this small maze, trying to find you, and if they do, they start following you, and attacking you.

There are 3 spawns for the enemies, and depending on what spawn their at, they use a different path.

This will be a part of The Cure, that old project aint dead yet. ;D
So far, only the first path is made, and a lot isnt finished yet, but its comming.

This is, by the way, this is Mr. zombie and the map overwiew.


post a blend…

& give me some cookies ! :stuck_out_tongue:

more seriously,
Talking about a zomby maze make me
eager to see those upcoming screenshot.

Well, heres some of the logic.
(please dont ask me why im not using python instead)
Here is the node setup, (red) and the different areas the map is divided in (white)
Ill show ya some graphic stuff soon.


yeah, your the one to talk…

Nice screens konoha, I like the zombie texture. I think you should use python… Your enemies would be so much more fun if they were smarter, also nodes mess up a lot, if you have mulitple levels, you have to repeat the entire thing. With python, make one good script and your done!


Now were might this magic script be? :eyebrowlift2:

I think python might make it easier, but not that much smarter, to be honest

but it won’t look like something vomited in your logic panel O.o

good luck, looks interesting… Will you be able to shoot the zombies back?

I laughed out loud hahahaha…

The logics really doesnt like me, at all.
BUt i think i have 2 paths done, and apparently, they can change paths if they collide into each others, so they will walk in moderatly big crowds after a while.

Thing is, they don’t obey me! xD
Ive got some more work to do.

Ok, i just solved a BIG problem by erasing a lot of stuff and redoing it.
Expect a demo soon :wink:

A small demo here: [http://www.mediachicken.com/upload/images/download_png24.png](‘http://www.mediachicken.com/upload/file.php?type=blends&file=Zombie AI funkar_378457596.blend’)

Oh damm, the movement speed of the bots in the version i just uploaded was wrong.
Aw well, ill upload a new soon anyway.