Zombie Petrol station

Well I am at a point where I need some feedback on my work whether it be bad or good because I need to get better. Be as harsh as you want :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance!

I’m wondering if Gordon Freeman will jump out with the shotgun :smiley:

Good work. :smiley:

looks too clean
there should be pieces of glass around the car that on its side
besides that it looks great

I would suggest making the building in the background have a glass front so you can see inside. With as many pumps as you have it has a Super Gas Station Feel that would have some sort of mega mini mart attatched to it. Plus that would make the player want to go inside for power ups, health etc.

3 pumps in a row is not a practical design. You can’t use all three simultaneously!

Hey Nick,
I’d say that

  • one lamp not enough (neon creates a horror-atmosphere) maybe also a broken one
  • maybe some skid marks on the floor or some bottles
  • the parts of the station could be more dirty

There needs to be shattered glass all over the floor and place some cracks in the windshield. Also i think there is too much paper in the air, and i agree with what has been said before, that it is weird to have three gas pumps in a row. In the back ground you have a black space, this feels like a city environment, so add some lights or lit windows in the background. The zombies are also too close together, zombies are not social creatures. On the good side I like the idea of an overrun gas station.

Sorry if I’m too harsh.

Not harsh at all! It’s been good to get some feedback. I am surprised people are looking at it at all :smiley:

i’d have to agree with nickdiesel, add more light. florescent light does, indeed, give a zombie/horror atmosphere…

I agree with some of the previous members that it is too clean a scene. I think there needs to be more dirt around the scene, garages are dirty places and on the pumps, maybe a bit of rust. Also it lacks any ‘human’ feel. Most garages have posters, signs and other paraphernalia plastered over things. The render is great with lots of detail I just think adding the extra dirt and maybe a ragged poster or two in there will give it a more natural feel. The other thing is that you might want to bring your zombies further forward as at a glance it is easy to miss them.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! this is my updated version with some of the suggestions you guys had. They were great suggestions! Let me know what you think!

Yes man thats alot better! but i miss the flying papers…

Still not super happy with the textures. They feel too overstated. Like I shouldn’t even be paying attention to them. Any tips?

The texture of the roof is really good but the one of the columns doesn’t fit to it anymore i think this is because of other lighting.
I would also give the lamps a bit more energy. The fire is very well made but i don’t know if it fits to the rest of the scene because it just comes out of the nowhere.

Great work.

A few comments:

  • The dirt of pump 1 & 3 is to even distributed making it look boring.
  • The (red) light of the fire doesnt seem to effect the column near pump 1, there also seems to be texture stretching on that column.
  • There needs to be a zombie in the foreground. At first glance it just seems as if an accident occurred here.
  • There should definitely be tire-marks of cars that have been in and out of there, in a rush!

I like your first image better, atmosphere wise it could have been a scene from “the Langoliers”

Again great work.

Still reminds me of half life 2 :smiley:

Good work. Although I will point out that the second image should have at least one zombie in the foreground.

Ah right. I’ll have to model some decent Zombies. ATM they look a little cartoonish. I agree about the textures. It just seems like it’s too much. I guess half life 2 is a compliment! I might take out the fire too. Doesn’t really need it.

The only thing thats wrong with your original image is the title :slight_smile:

Just rename it to abandoned Matrix gas station and your done.

yes, i want to see some Zombies …

Me too!!! haha