Zombie Real-Time Strategy: A second try

Many of you may have seen my previous thread on a zombie RTS, and may have noticed that closer to the end of the thread things began to fall apart and become unorganized. This thread is aimed at reforming a team to complete this game in a cleaner and more professional fashion.

Game outline:
-when a citizen is attacked by a zombie, the citizen will rise from death 10 seconds later as a zombie.
-at the beginning of each level, there will be few zombies on the map, but a massive population of citizens. As time passes, more citizens will be attacked and infected.
-the objective is to save as many citizens as possible, while exterminating all infected.
-you will receive credits for every citizen brought to the safe zone (which will be a helecopter pad that is in your base). Credits are used to build new military buildings and units.
-you do not receive any credits for killing zombies, but all infected must die to complete the objective.
-zombies are able to destroy player buildings, and in effect, end the game if all structures are destroyed.

The Team:
Game Director/3d artist: blubernuget

If you are interested in joining, show a sample of your work through the thread or in a PM. (All veteran members of this project are free to join)
We are currently specifically looking for an experienced programmer, but all help is welcome.



Animations for the marine here: Here


As of last time, i’m in, just assign me some python.
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cool this is going to be great to see how it turns out.

Please resume development?!