Zombie survival game - Not blender based. Looking for modeler (payment inlcuded).


I’m making a zombie game that will have similar game graphics to l4d. It will not be like l4d, instead of having a safehouse to run to, your left on the street alone. With your 3 co-players.

You will be able to barricade doors, reinforce windows with metal plates and even put up wired fences around the random generated neighborhood! This will be a realistic zombie survival (except the part where you get cash for shooting zombies :P).
Buy a car, build a watchtower or go mentally insane at the basement of a hospital? You got it!
This random world generated will include towns, sub-urban towns, forests, lakes, islands, everyplace you could possibly want to fight a zombie on :smiley:

Anyways, I’v come quite far, 2800 lines of working code. But my models atm sucks, because I made them :stuck_out_tongue:
Heres a preview:

So what I need is someone willing to work cheap (5-10$ a model) that also have the passion for this game. I need to have full license so all textures to the models, and the models, must be handmade.

I do not look need a pro modeler, If you’r good, Please share some of your work with me here on this topic.
Feel free to email me on [email protected].

Well I saw the video and I think that if you can fix up the graphics of the game make the better this could be a really great game. Looking forward to see how this one goes.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yea, I thought that too, and thats why I went here :stuck_out_tongue: