Zombie Town

Hello all,

This is my first post here. It’s a bit of a study in shaders where I was looking to create procedural shaders with lots of customisable aspects.
Let me know what you guys think. Modelled, textured, rendered and composited in blender.

I think the model is nice, idea too :slight_smile:

Composition could use some love, though. There are too many details behind the girl and everything is in perfect focus. Also, colourful spots are everywhere randomly. I would rethink the scene. From the top of my head: add a streetlamp over the girl and turn day into night. This will create a necessary accent.

On minor note: there is grass growing though the pavement, but no cracks in the pavement :slight_smile:
Girl’s right hand is dark and I don’t understand why…

Hey Margenta,
Thanks for your comment. You’re right. Everything is in focus and I should at least have tried using some DOF. Do you think maybe I should try that first before changing the scene to night? The dark patch on her arm came from the trees that are casting shadows onto the road. I’ll move that too. About the grass growing through without any cracks, I see exactly what you mean. I think I’ll remove the patch right in front of the van and maybe the patch behind it as well.