Zombiess Play It

Nice action.

Here are my suggestions: Add start menu (with Start Game, Quit Game buttons), make brighter ground (some carpet or whatever) because now it is very dark (too much), so people will broke eyes if they look for those gray-dark zombies. Add some hardcore music in background too - the gameplay will be more interesting.

Anyway, why do you have a whole Blender in the package?

Overall, it is very good, dont stop developing.

Im having trouble with the menus. It seems that every time I roll over the menu buttons…Blender freaks out and its stuck in this loop between the two scenes.
I redid everything twice and still the same problem???:spin:

For how much time? You don’t have a loading screen, so it does the loading without telling.
You can’t, as far as I know, make a loading bar in BGE, but you can make a loading screen.
Edit: Pretty cool. Maybe you could use textures on the player and zombies and better effects for the guns…
But they’re pretty cool already.

Menu Buttons: it is simple logic brick Mouse over and left mouse button pressed. Dont forget to disable pulses for both sensors, or it will trigger the action as many times as you hold the mouse button or point to that button with mouse (so ON and OFF pulses must by disabled in both sensors).