zoom in all views

When I have Blender 2.58 in a quad view and try to zoom in using the scroll wheel, only the active view zooms in. Is there any way to get all four of the views to zoom at the same time? (Like zoom all in 3DS Max)

I wish I had Blender in front of me, but I think you have to check the ‘Box’ option. But I think only the 3 views other than the user perspective follow each other, I think. Like I said I wish I had Blender in front of me.

I have no idea where the ‘box’ option might be?

Look in the properties panel (keyboard shortcut N)

under wish sub panel do you see this Box
and is it like a checkbox ?


In the Display panel


but you must check the quadview to see these options!

interesting options to work with

but does not include the 3D view only front top and side views are zooming!


Okay, good. That’s better than having to zoom each viewport individually. Seems like the option is really hidden but I am glad to know it’s there. Thanks.

Seems like the option is really hidden
So when you press the ‘Toggle Quad View’ button you don’t see the new options that immediately appear below it. They are in the Display properties panel when I’d say is the place you’d expect to see display settings.

yes but at first if you don’t have quad view activated you don’t see this box option

first you need to activate quad view
then you can see the box option in the expanded sub panel

so this option is valid only with quad views not all views
like if you split you screen in several windows then it won’t work
only when in quad mode which is a special mode i guess in 2.5