zoom in and out on a laptop?

how can i zoom in and out with my laptop which doesnt have a numpad or a MMB unless i press LMB and RMB but all i can do with that is see in 3d view. i want to know how to zoom in and out. Thank YOU.

ctrl + alt + LMB then use the mouse to zoom

Go to User Prefs. and under the “System & OpenGL” tab hit “Emulate Numpad”. Then use the +/- keys found at the top of your keyboard. This should work :yes:

EDIT: Hunter’s idea is a good one too :yes: but could be quite cumbersome having to press all those keys while sliding on the mouse pad.

EDIT 2: Thank you Hunter I never knew that shortcut! 'Twill be very helpful. Thanks!

EDIT 3: Welcome to BlenderArtists extraone!! :smiley:

That’s really useful for tablets. On my laptop, I mostly use the “scroll wheel” (sliding finger along the right edge of the trackpad).

thank you all…you helped alot

Most laptops should have a function button that you can hit to change some letter keys to number pad keys (called “Num Lk” for number lock on mine). It’s a little annoying switching from one to the other at times, but I got used to it pretty fast and use it a lot. I only have a laptop currently.

The scroll function at the side of the touchpad is very valuable. Scroll = zoom, Shift+Scroll = pan up/down, Ctrl+Scroll = pan left/right.

Edit: You could always get a tablet or a cheap USB mouse. :wink: