Zoom in Camera View

Is there any way to just zoom in on the viewport window?

What I mean exactly is that I want the camera perspective to stay the same and nothing to actually physically change, but to be zoomed in. Like if you zoom in on a photo, everything stays the same but you can see things bigger. Is this possible?

If it’s just view port camera ( not rendering camera ) press N-key find View/ViewProperties tab and Lens slider. It zooms in/out the view.

Thanks, jawra, but it’s not exactly what I was looking for.
I wanted to zoom in (using the rendering camera) but without changing any kind of lens value, or FOV or anything like that. Just to zoom in on the whole viewport.

I think Blender doesn’t have such feature (yet). You can workaround this by increasing render output dimension and using Border rendering to not waste the time for render unneeded parts - Shift-B to mark render border in Camera view.

Try Shift+F in camera view (or any other view for that matter) This puts you into a “fly” mode (scroll the mouse wheel to zoom)

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Hmm, I think you’re right, jawra, doesn’t look like there is this functionality in Blender.
It seems like all methods, including the fly mode, alter the camera angle, position or perspective. The border rendering would be perfect if it worked in the viewport… which is a shame.

Zooming in or out is changing the lens value (or FoV, which is just another way of saying the same thing). The only other option is to actually move the camera along its axis, which I’m fairly sure is not what you want.

I posted an example here showing that changing the focal length does a zoom (out, in this case).

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